this spring, exhibition of fred Latrace and Pascal Masi

Pascal Masi, artist scuptor of animals

pascal Masipetite-maternite-2-legerhesmond-profil-gauche-4-leg

Fred Latrace, artist paintor

Fred Latrace                          60-penduick



In september On hundred anniversary of the first parachute jumping from a plane

ADOLPH~12013… Châteaufort, under the wings of Pégoud

He is the first one to have made in parachute jump by abandoning the plane he was piloting. He is also the first one to have made a looping by plane: it’s Céléstin Adolphe Pégoud. Montferrat, his origin’s village, will pay him tribute this year. It’s the occasion to value the history and the local memory. Pégoud participated in the development of the air acrobatics, indicates Huguette Pierremont, secretary of the committee Pégoud and the great-niece of the airman, 2013 and the centenarian of this first parachute juming of a plane will allow to make this caracter know by the young generation. Everywhere in France will be organised the festivities in memory of this event which gave to the Fench aviation this level of recognition. Chateaufort will not be outdone, because it’s on this municipality and above the domain of Geneste that was made this first jump. It is in the private domain that will get organized diverse festivities where will be invited great and small around animations, exhibitions and conference for two days Heritage Days, on September 14th and 15th of this year…



The Star’Academy famous broadcasting television show at the Domain Of Geneste


Charlotte Valandrey devant le chateaustar-academy-9-replay-300x189les presentateurs601235_384153331682150_1624187620_n


The horses of Geneste in fashion photos

Polac 1polac 2polac 3Polac le sauveur



Garden party in the Domain

kart (15)FanfareStructure gonflable (29)tente (39)paint ball (61)            tente (34) 


Welcome of a new puppy, futur guid dog

Hook brought in at the school of « dogs Guides », was offered in November, 2013.future guide for a blind person.

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