The racehorses

Owning a racehorse …

A dream within your reach !

Racehorse ownership is now a far more affordable proposition thanks to shared ownership schemes. You can now purchase a share in a racehorse, attend training sessions, enjoy all the owner’s privileges afforded by France Galop (free admission to all race-courses, access to private rooms, VIP reception, etc.), cheer your horse on at the races and share in the earnings. 

Pascal Baudry offers a choice of two shared ownership options
1°) Purchase a share of 10% or more per horse:

Annual one-off payment of a sum starting at 3,000 €, all costs included (including the purchase price of the horse).

2°) Purchase a share of 25% or more per horse:

Monthly payment covering actual costs, pro rata to your ownership share. Costs range between 300 € and 450 € per month for a 25% share, excluding the purchase price of the horse.

A number of horses are available for outright sale or shares.
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Benalup, vainqueur à Wissembourg le 17 juin 2012